Late on Christmas Day I flew to Missoula and stayed at a nearby hotel. The next morning Dave and Phyl drove over from Deer Lodge and picked me up.
Yes! It’s freaking cold here.

2 thoughts on “Montana

  1. Thank you for your Christmas Card, pictures and greetings Arlete! I’ve caught up on your blog and enjoy seeing glimpses of your life. We had a lovely Christmas with family and friends, yesterday we were together with my siblings at Ruth and Brenda’s Prairie Spruce Commons, and condo. So great to all be together, almost 40 of us now with all the children’s children! (pictures on Facebook). Brian and I are off to Grand Cayman Island in February and Ireland and England in April. We enjoy being home in our growing season and so grateful our families are doing well. Love to you and greetings to your kids and their kids!

  2. Joy, great to hear from you. How wonderful so many family members could all be together. Your vacations will definitely be fun. Love to everyone, Arlete

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