St Ignatius Christmas program

We filled up one entire pew at St Ignatius plus a few seats along the aisle.

Sophia’s 5th grade class (she is in the front row, second from left):

Avery’s 2nd grade class (he is in the front row, center, his face partially hidden by a cellphone):

This little girl kept escaping to run down the aisle until her mom found an effective strategy.

Retired teachers’ luncheon

The people who attend are all retired from Rio Linda Union School District (or Twin Rivers USD if it was after 2003). The group is definitely shrinking as we all keep getting older.

Northridge Country Club

Ade, Jim Potter

Linda, Kathy

Kay Potter, Diane O’Brien

Georgene Cooper, Terry Barto

Avery and Charlie

Sophia is the best puppy caretaker, but after a couple of hours, she insisted it was Avery’s turn. Avery’s preferred arrangement for playing with Charlie:
That didn’t last long, however. He decided he needed to do his homework – where Charlie couldn’t bother him.

Walnut delivery

Romona Willits used to go to Calvary Lutheran Church but recently moved to Placerville to be closer to family. Today she drove down with her daughter Carol to go to an event at Heritage Park, a perfect opportunity to give her some walnuts.

Holiday Home Tour

1 Errol and Mary DeRose:

The white tree is filled with small owls like this:

2 Martha Lopez had 3 trees:

3 Patty & Ed Bronder:

4 Felicia Byrd:

5 Lowell Brown and Chris Bark:

Chris Bark

The decorations are over the top. It takes Chris all of November to decorate their house. His collections move around each year so it feels like you’re always seeing something new.

This village covers the tub in the master bath.

6 Jackie Lyonnais:

7 Chere & Rick Decker:

SABA Christmas party

SABA = Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates. Last year I was in charge of three after-school bike clubs at schools in West Sacramento and I’ve volunteered for their bike valet service a time or two – all sponsored by SABA. Bike Dog Brewing Co was the perfect place for a get-together.

A collection of Mixtes hang from the ceiling.

At left, Deb Banks, acting Executive Director of SABA and the owner of all the Mixtes. At right, board member Sue Teranishi.