Dylan learns to ride a bike

Adrienne’s grandson Dylan, who is 8 1/2 years old and going into 3rd grade, wanted to learn to ride a bike. Ade said, “The challenge was finding a bike that worked for Dylan’s height and experience (none).” They visited five bike shops on Saturday and came up empty. On Monday they found a good bike at Target.I went over on Tuesday for our first lesson. Dylan learned about the ABCQuick Check and the psi needed in bike tires. He was worried about falling and wore elbow and knee guards. We went up and down the street for about 30 minutes. He had great balance, it was only a matter of patience and time. The bike, although new, needed a basic tune-up: brakes adjusted, chain lubed, seat tilted down just a bit. I was so grateful Natomas Bike Shop was able to do this in ONE afternoon – hurray Scott and his mechanics! By the end of day 2, Dylan had made great progress.Dylan was so proud. This was going to be a surprise for his mom when she arrived on Wednesday.I went over to Ade’s this morning for one more lesson on the bike. Total success!Dylan was proud and so was his mom and Nana. I had a great time too. **Adrienne: thanks so much for all the pictures and video for this blog post!

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