Day 2: Silver Comet Trail

A more challenging day: more miles, too-steep-to-ride hills, a 10 mph headwind, and a frustrating process to get into our room. The day started out great, a very good breakfast at the Ragsdale Inn and perfect weather.

Besides having cameras pointing up and down the trail, the local sheriff’s office has 3 officers who patrol in these tiny vehicles.
There are many trestle crossings.
Brushy Mountain Tunnel:

The trail goes through the middle of Rockmart, another picturesque small town:

Then we had to do some climbing. This was the first hill we had to walk up, followed by at least 5 more. Ugh!

In between the hills, bucolic countryside:

Billie to the heavens above, “If I could have just one wish, please drop down an ice cold cappuccino to me right now.”
Arrived! Cedartown.
Sadly, it took us 2 hours at the front desk to get into a room despite our reservation. The first room hadn’t been cleaned and still had someone’s belongings inside. Skipping to the conclusion: we ended up in suite and it was comped.

Miles = 34

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