Day 3: Chief Ladiga Trail

9 am and it’s 41 degrees. We were each wearing 5 layers of clothing and still cold. Riding warmed us up fairly quickly. We took Subway sandwiches because we weren’t sure what services would be available, especially since it’s Sunday and most businesses are closed.
We are always concerned about wildlife encounters (my scariest was riding past a watchful bear) so when Billie said, “What’s that down the trail? Is it an animal?” I don’t know. It looked like a tiny buffalo but maybe it was a huge dog. It didn’t move, we approached cautiously. The tiny buffalo:
At the state line, the Silver Comet Trail ended
and the Chief Ladiga (luh-DIE-guh) Trail began:
Terrapin Creek:

Duggar Mountain, second highest point in Alabama:

The end of trail in Weaver with an immediate welcome sign for Anniston which was still 6 miles away.
We rode until the shoulder disappeared on the 4-lane, high-speed road into town. It just wasn’t safe so we called the local taxi company who sent a van to pick us up. A $10 solution! There was a bar at our hotel! We had a great time talking with Jessica, the front desk manager and bartender. Then more patons arrived.
We really enjoyed meeting Dan and Sharon who live just 30 miles away. Then we visited with some other cyclists (the photo-bomb guy).
Miles = 48 and 52 degrees at 4pm.

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