Day 4: Rest

Our hotel is VERY nice.
Ginger Marsh, owner, did all the decorating.
We walked around downtown Anniston today and had lunch at Noble Street Deli. Peach cobbler cupcakes came with our meal. Yum!
Then we stopped at an art gallery which featured the works of 25 local artists. The owner Ann gave us some good news: the Chief Ladiga Trail will soon be extended all the way to Anniston. And we met Jay Ingram, a totally charmimg and funny guy.Jay, now in his 90s started working at this Rexall drugstore when he was 15 years old. He and the owners got along really well. Jay took on more and more tasks and learned the business quickly. By the time he graduated from high school, he owned 25% of the business. Eventually he owned it all and sold it only when he retired.
Another famous Anniston landmark established in 1899. The brothel was upstairs.

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