Into the Lions Den

I volunteered to do the later shift for a criterium … which means a bicycle race on a closed circular course. Today, at the heart of the sate capitol.

SABA provided bike valet services. I arrived just as the women’s professional race was about to begin. This race was special because the women’s and men’s purses were equal at $50,000 each for the winner. As it should be. Ahead, the women are lined up:

with more arriving:

About to start:

Ahead, provided by SABA Bike Valet Program, the fenced enclosure where bicycles can be safely stored while enjoying the event

Jeremiah (left) was the lead in organizing this bike valet event. Bert and Stacey provided excellent service checking in bikes, keeping the bikes organized, then retrieving bikes at the end of the event.

Over 200 bikes were safely parked and retrieved!

So, I didn’t actually see any of the bicycle race, but I had a great time. Sidenote: Julie Kanoff, you were the hardest worker out there!

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