MiBM celebration ride

Three separate groups met at Peregrine Park .. in the shade.

16 riders – the biggest group I’ve ever led. Thankfully, there were many who had taken a Jibe class with me and I encouraged them to give group riding tips when needed.

Starting out, the bridge over a creek,

and then up and over I-80.

Bike path along Garden Highway almost to Discovery Park.

Crossing the Tower Bridge over the Sacramento River, taking the lane.

There was a huge party at Bike Dog Brewing in W Sacramento sponsored by SABA and REI to celebrate the closing days of May is Bike Month.

Thank you REI for buying all REI members (me) a beer.

Gina – friend. fellow LCI, and the designer and creator for Gadget Girl Goods:

Time to head back.

On the boardwalk in Old Sacramento. 8 miles to go.

Great ride. We made some new friends, had a great time and rode 25 miles.

The Bicycle Nomad

Many people rode their bikes to REI for a presentation by Erick Cedeno.

Erick Cedeno has bicycle-toured from Vancouver BC to Tijuana MX, followed the Underground Railroad from New Orleans to Niagara Falls, and followed the trail of two bicycle expeditions by the USArmy in 1896 and 1897 by 20 black soldiers from Fort Missoula to St Louis. A very interesting presentation.

Training video

The City of Sacramento is adding five e-trikes to their library of things at the Colonial Heights branch.

Before checking out an e-trike, users must acknowledge that they’ve watched the training videos provided so they know how to operate, charge, lock, and properly use the bike on the street.

Pierson, Becky and I met a couple of city employees at Colonial Heights library and we went through a script of short video clips to demonstrate all the elements.

I demonstrated how to use the (very heavy) lock while being filmed.

Becky, friend and fellow LCI, she’s great to work with.

Ride the City

This ride started at City Hall and with a planned ending time of 8:00 in Oak Park. I did not want to ride back to the start point alone and later in the evening, so I drove to the end point early and rode to City Hall, arriving way too early of course since I didn’t know how this would work exactly.

Jennifer Donlon-Wyant organized this ride with City engineers and planners to tour bicycling infrastructure in Downtown Sacramento. 91 people signed up however only half that number showed up – whew, managing 90+ people on a downtown ride would have been challenging. Thanks to Deb and Rob from SABA for providing help at major intersections.

Stop #1 to learn about improvements to P, Q, and 21st Streets and the new ACE train station which will have no gas-burning vehicle parking but upgraded access for active transportation users.

Our final stop near Broadway in Oak Park:

What a great ride and I learned a lot. Bicycle infrastructure continues to grow in Sacramento.

MiBM Kickoff

May is Bike Month is here! Ten of us met Pierson at the bike/ped bridge near Peregrine Park at 10:30 am. Yes, there were 10 of us: Agueda is in the background calling out to Minerva to hurry up.

SABA and Breathe California had a kickoff event at River Park in West Sacramento .. which is directly across the river from Old Sacramento. The brown lumps at the end of the dock are two local sea lions.

Stowing our bikes at Bike Valet:

Gina, today a vendor – Gadget Girl Goods – was the instructor for Jibe’s Earn-a-Bike which is how BarbaraL met her.

SABA Social Ride

Brenda, BarbaraL and I rode in from N Natomas. Because Discovery Park was closed due to flooding, our safest choice to get across the river was Highway 160. We used the on ramp from Northgate Blvd, took the lane while 45 mph-traffic moved left to go around us. Being Sunday morning, there wasn’t a lot of traffic. Just after crossing the river, we were able to move right onto a Class IV cycle track onto 12th St. We met at Drip Espresso at 24th & J Streets.

At 10:30, the ride began: a tour of murals created by and featuring women.

Ride Ready Repair

at John Cabrillo Elementary, sponsored by SABA. A school fair with booths,


Wide Open Walls in action, and

free bike repair.

Happy customer:

Plus a free tickets for a raffle to give away several kids bikes.

Ride Ready Repair

Saturday afternoon at Hiram Johnson High School. A big school- and community-wide event.

I was so grateful Elaine and Terri volunteered to help out. It was quite busy at times. We took in about 30 bikes for repair and handed out free raffle tickets.