Ride Ready at Mather Veteran’s Village

Yesterday morning, I went to the SABA staff meeting and learned a receptionist was needed today for a bike repair clinic at Mather Veteran’s Village.

Mather Veteran’s Village provides critically needed veteran housing with supportive services located on the former Mather Air Force base in Rancho Cordova. It provides 50 permanent supportive homes for formerly homeless and disabled veterans plus transitional housing for many more.  SABA brought 15 rehabilitated bicycles to give away.

My station:

Many happy customers.

Bike Doc

This morning, I worked as the receptionist at Bike Doc at the North Natomas Farmer’s Market. We took in 51 bikes which were serviced by about 8 mechanics FREE of charge.

LCI Spotlight

I was chosen for the League of American Bicyclists League Cycling Instructor spotlight for their March 21 e-newsletter. Thank you so much, Deb Banks, for nominating me! Working with SABA and Jibe for the past 8 years has been so personally rewarding and just plain fun. Great organizations and great people to work with.

If you’d like to read the article, copy and paste this link into your browser:


Downtown murals ride

Saturday morning, Cheryl, Cindy, and I rode to W Sacramento, 4th & G Sts, to meet a group of people who will soon be living at Washington Commons Co-housing. They broke ground this month, today’s ride was a celebration of their achievement.

Thank you Anne Geraghty for requesting and organizing this ride.

An unexpected surprise: we were invited to peek inside a not-quite-open-yet street art museum on C St – a space in between.

Isabella gave us a great impromptu tour:

Anne took this picture of the whole group:

Huge thanks to Cindy and Cheryl for coming along on this ride. Their help was invaluable and made all of us safer.

Into the Lions Den

I volunteered to do the later shift for a criterium … which means a bicycle race on a closed circular course. Today, at the heart of the sate capitol.

SABA provided bike valet services. I arrived just as the women’s professional race was about to begin. This race was special because the women’s and men’s purses were equal at $50,000 each for the winner. As it should be. Ahead, the women are lined up:

with more arriving:

About to start:

Ahead, provided by SABA Bike Valet Program, the fenced enclosure where bicycles can be safely stored while enjoying the event

Jeremiah (left) was the lead in organizing this bike valet event. Bert and Stacey provided excellent service checking in bikes, keeping the bikes organized, then retrieving bikes at the end of the event.

Over 200 bikes were safely parked and retrieved!

So, I didn’t actually see any of the bicycle race, but I had a great time. Sidenote: Julie Kanoff, you were the hardest worker out there!