SABA social ride

In the afternoon, I did my first-ever social ride with SABA. We met at Insight Coffee at 8th & S Streets in downtown Sacramento.

Deb Banks introduced David Sobon, CEO of Wide Open Walls, who led a tour some some of this year’s artists at work. About 50 people were ready to ride despite temperatures in the mid-90s.

This was such a different ride for me – herding cats comes to mind. Not many helmets. Two guys with loud portable speakers on their backs played music as we rode – turned off when David spoke at the various stops. Other riders blocked traffic at intersections so everyone could ride through regardless of the sign or signal.

The walls at North Star at 12th and C Streets:

Improv Alley:

WaCo blog post

I’ve been receiving the Washington Commons Co-housing newsletter since my first presentation for them at the end of January. Then I did a tour of W Sacramento, with Barbara and Cheryl as sweeps, on March 20. Here is a link to a blog post about that event:

Tour of W Sacramento

The people from Washington Commons Co-housing asked SABA if I could lead a group on a short bicycle tour. We visited two community gardens, discovered grocery stores, pharmacies, the library, found the W Sacramento Community Center and W Sacramento Recreation Center, and rode the paved section of the Clarksburg Branch Trail.

Washington Commons hasn’t actually broken ground yet, so people came from many distant locations – Cloverdale, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Modesto, New Hampshire (!) – to learn more about the community they will eventually live in.

Cheryl and Barbara from Arlete’s BIG came along and served as sweeps. A very big group but all went well.


Today I needed to test a route called Tour of W Sacramento. Pre-rides mean you might get lost, have to re-route, maybe meet someone, or re-ride certain sections. Today we started at WaCo,

found 3 Sisters Garden,

met Alfred, the manager of 4 community gardens in W Sacramento,

and rode the paved section of the Clarksburg Branch Trail. A 10-mile route but we rode 26 miles miles altogether.

Thank you Leo, Barbara, and Cheryl for your patience and sense of adventure:

Ridin’ in Rancho 1

Another teaching opportunity, this time from SABA. Five online Zoom classes on Thursday evenings using material from Better on Bikes but adapted to a larger (than N Natomas) audience. The goal is to reach people who live in Rancho Cordova because the financial support comes from Community Enhancement Grant.

WaCo workshop

This morning, I met Robert and Deb at Drake’s – the Barn in W Sacramento.

We met the future residents of Washington Commons Co-housing. Some of them were meeting each other for the first time. WaCo is a business sponsor of SABA. Robert provided a safety check for all the bicycles. I some basic bicycling principles: ABCQuck Check, Rules of the Road, Group riding and Trail Etiquette.

Then we went for a ride, about 5 miles on the Sacramento River Bike Trail to Miller Park and back to the location of the future 4-story building at 4th & G Streets in W Sacramento.

Check this blog post again. I know there are more pictures out there and I hope to post more as they get to me. Fun day.

Lights On!

I went to help the SABA team hand out free front and rear bike lights at the corner of 39th and T Streets. This was the most successful Lights On give-away that I’ve been to. Many bicyclists already had great lighting on their bikes which was really nice to see. Robert set up on one corner,

Alex set up on another corner.

Cherry on top

A week of great bike riding can only be topped by encouraging someone else. I met Aisha and Haris at Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen where Robert from SABA met us. Aisha applied to SABA’s Bike Match program for a bike for her son. Robert had two possibilities, I came to advise and carry the bike back to their home in N Natomas.

Next steps: I am going to teach Haris how to ride that bike. Keep your fingers crossed and send all good vibes our way!