Urban Cycling: meeting 2

Hurray! We were able to meet in person this morning at Neil Orchard Senior Center in Rancho Cordova. Cesar from SABA was a great addition. One of his skill areas is bike mechanics, therefore greatly appreciated by me. While 8 people signed up for the free class, only 1 showed up – Fayzah.

The good news, Fayzah’s three kids came to the class also.

Urban Cycling Class

For the last few months, I’ve been working periodically on a project for SABA: a 6-hour Urban Cycling Class for residents in Rancho Cordova. Then Covid-19 interrupted everything. We transitioned to an online class. The first one was today.

Figuring out how to conduct a Zoom class with a Keynote presentation was challenging. In fact, I hope we can do the next 5 classes in person with really good social distancing, a portable voice amplifier (like tour guides use), and whatever else we need to do to be safe and keep me from tackling another Zoom presentation. Fingers crossed.

Wide Open Walls murals tour

I went on the best bike ride today with Bill Leddy and his sister Julie Kaye.

I know Bill from SABA, Julie is the volunteer coordinator for Wide Open Walls. There are over 700 murals in Sacramento, Wide Open Walls has curated 100 of them. For several years, for 2 weeks in August, muralists are invited from all over the world to complete a project. Julie knows a lot about all the murals and the artists. She designed a 6.5-mile bike route which visits 48 murals by 59 artists for Week 4 of May is Bike Month. We started at the California Auto Museum. On the south wall:

Each letter was painted by a different artist. The i’s were painted by twin sisters.

and so many more. And almost every stop came with a good story. I spotted this in a tree just before I headed back to the starting point where I’d parked my car:

Michael Riegel Bike Ride

Michael Riegel is an artist with installations in various parts of Sacramento. Riding to each of these 4 pieces is a 24 mile loop, but we ended up riding more miles. This loop is the ride being promoted by SABA during week 3 of May is Bike Month. Pete was a good sport and let me take his picture in front of all of them. Others who do this ride will post their selfies to social media.

6th & Q Streets

Transitions in Growth
915 Del Paso Blvd

Empower the Mind
3725 Marysville Blvd

The Bicyclist
N Natomas Regional Park

28 miles! It was hot by noon and I was tired. Nevertheless … girl power!

Water balloons

I’ve been working on a project for SABA – an online toolkit “Successful Bicycling at Home with Kids.” Sophia, Avery and Carson have been the subjects of all my photos. Today’s photo session:

SABA Christmas party

SABA = Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates. Last year I was in charge of three after-school bike clubs at schools in West Sacramento and I’ve volunteered for their bike valet service a time or two – all sponsored by SABA. Bike Dog Brewing Co was the perfect place for a get-together.

A collection of Mixtes hang from the ceiling.

At left, Deb Banks, acting Executive Director of SABA and the owner of all the Mixtes. At right, board member Sue Teranishi.

Westfield Village Bike Club

This was my last bike club meeting at Westfield Village with its most faithful member, AngelLillie. I was so happy Deb Banks rode with us.

Riding with AngelLillie has been such a delightful experience that I wanted our last meeting to be special, so the three of us rode 2 miles to Joe’s Crab Shack in Old Sacramento.

Molly Wagner from WALKSacramento joined us.

On our way back,
I noticed some smoke, we stopped, evaluated, and called 911 …
a small crowd gathered,
the fire department arrived,
and put out the fire.
After being asked a few questions by a fireman, we rode on to where AngelLillie lived. I smiled as I listened to AngelLillie invent various scenarios about being heroines on bicycles, riding around, saving the community. When we said our final goodbyes, one of AngelLillies’s neighbors came by. She said, “We just saved all of West Sacramento from being burned down.” Smile. I will miss you AngelLillie.

Stonegate Bike Club

This was our last club meeting and I wanted it to be special. Donuts before we rode, they’d each told me their favorite kind last week, but I bought a few extra. About 2 minutes before our ride was supposed to begin, there was one donut left. Christoper, “Can I have it?!!” Of course. His third donut in 15 minutes!
We didn’t ride far but were still able to practice all the skills taught over the past 10 meetings. We went to local Fire Station 45 in West Sacramento for a tour.

The boys tried to climb UP the pole while Matthew’s mother, Ina, looked on. I was so happy to have a parent along for this ride. She told me she could really see improvement in Matthew’s riding skills and knowledge.
One minute from sliding down the pole
to this. Ready to go!
Andrew, Christopher, Connor, Matthew, and Logan – THANK YOU for being in Stonegate Bike Club. I had a great time and I know you learned a lot.
When I got home, I opened this gift card.