Walnut gathering

From this:

To this:

With the help of a friend:

We gathered from 2/3 of the trees until we had 16 bags – the maximum that can fit in my vehicle without fear of anything falling over and spilling everywhere. After sorting, we gathered about 150 pounds.

Saddle Up Saturday

A group rode from Four Seasons Westshore and a couple of other cyclists from the east side of I-5 met at Bella Bru. Arriving at 11 am on a Saturday morning meant a 45-minute wait for an outside table. But it was well worth it. Great food and good company. Pearl took this picture of Jeorgianna, Rupert, me, Cheryl, Brian:

Halloween costume done …

Avery and I consulted on this year’s Halloween costume about a month ago. He wanted to be this anime character:

Not sure what’s going on with this character’s left arm, but I was able to figure out the light lavender vest. Also requested, a black cape.

Country Centre 4-H

I went to the club meeting tonight at Sierra Oaks Community Church. It was project sign-up night. I was approached about advising for a bicycle safety project scheduled for next Jan-May. I was in 4-H in the 1960s, Thais and Justin were in 4-H in the 1980s and 90s. Time to give back. But, will anyone sign up?