Centennial Celebration

of the Rio Linda branch of the Sacramento Public Library – which was relocated to this site only a few years old and, part of which is located in my old 4th grade classroom at Rio Linda Elementary School (now closed).dsc03595The Good Time Players:dsc03596There was a quiche throwdown with LOTS of entries.dsc03599The judges: author Maryellen Burns and the manager of RLOnline John Todd.dsc03600They chose three winners: a staff member at the RL Library (man in black shirt), Deb Crowe (smiling), and Charlea Moore (laughing). At the far right is Sally McGrath, the RL Library branch manager.dsc03610dsc03601Director of the entire Sacramento Library system, Rivkah K Sass (wearing a burgundy blouse) welcomed everyone to the event.dsc03605Nicole Brogdon from the Rio Linda Elverta Historical Society shared a brief history of the library as it grew in Rio Linda. I remember as a kindergartener walking across M Street to the cutest little house which served as the library in 1953. dsc03614When I taught 4th grade at Rio Linda Elementary in the early 1970s, John Todd was one of my students! dsc03611

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