Project Ride Smart

at Natomas Park Elementary. dsc03587I am co-teaching with Gina Silvernale, a recently graduated LCI, this is her first Project Ride Smart teaching assignment. We meet with just two classes (out of 5 total) per day for about 70 minutes each. We watch a lot of informational videos followed by discussion and review.dsc03617For this lesson, while Gina and I fit helmets on each student individually – at an incredible pace of about 2 minutes/helmet fit. Meanwhile, the rest of the students were divided into groups of 3 or 4 and given the task of labeling 26 bicycle parts using address labels (which didn’t come off the bike very easily after being wound tightly around certain bike parts by certain “industrious” students) or post-it notes (far easier to remove).dsc03592dsc03590dsc03620

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