Westfield Village Bike Club

This was my last bike club meeting at Westfield Village with its most faithful member, AngelLillie. I was so happy Deb Banks rode with us.

Riding with AngelLillie has been such a delightful experience that I wanted our last meeting to be special, so the three of us rode 2 miles to Joe’s Crab Shack in Old Sacramento.

Molly Wagner from WALKSacramento joined us.

On our way back,
I noticed some smoke, we stopped, evaluated, and called 911 …
a small crowd gathered,
the fire department arrived,
and put out the fire.
After being asked a few questions by a fireman, we rode on to where AngelLillie lived. I smiled as I listened to AngelLillie invent various scenarios about being heroines on bicycles, riding around, saving the community. When we said our final goodbyes, one of AngelLillies’s neighbors came by. She said, “We just saved all of West Sacramento from being burned down.” Smile. I will miss you AngelLillie.

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