The second session of Pedal Up Natomas began today. Ten new participants, volunteers Lennore and Kathy, and fellow LCI Deanna. We stayed in the Inderkum HS parking lot today.

So cool. Kathy expertly taught Siri how to ride a bike!

Pedal Up Natomas

Better on Bikes (BoB) evolved over the past few months to an in-person class called Pedal Up Natomas. Our first meeting was Saturday September 17 and I didn’t take a single picture. But Mellissa Meng did!

I am co-teaching with Deanna, a great LCI who frequently works for Jibe teaching Project Ride Smart and many other programs. (Aside: Deanna’s oldest daughter, of 3, just left for college at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – the same college Thais attended 20+ years ago.) We have 12 participants – two of them, Brenda and Tracy, took BoB 4, which is great because they already have a lot of knowledge and can help others. Plus, two people from BoB1-Leo, and BoB2-Lennore volunteered. The first class focused on becoming ride ready. Our second meeting on September 24 included a 7-mile street ride with stops for teaching opportunities. Cheryl from BoB1 volunteered this meeting.

Coaching at NPE

A lot of kids at Natomas Park Elementary signed up for the second after-school coaching session for Project Ride Smart. Deanna and Pierson asked for another LCI – me – to help out on Thursday afternoon. About 20 kids – I think 15 were riding independently at the end of an hour. Success!

N Magazine

When a group of cyclists from Arlete’s BIG attended Jibe’s Meet and Greet at Track 7 on July 13 and Dennis Spear, N Magazine publisher, was also there, I thought “Cool, maybe our picture will be in the Bits ‘n Pieces section.” And it was.

But the real surprise was on page 10: