Capitol Yards

This afternoon, I did a one-hour bicycle safety presentation for SABA at Capitol Yards,

a beautiful condo complex in W Sacramento just across the Tower Bridge and across from Raley Field.

Claudine Schneider, Transportation Program Coordinator, introduced me:

And I got to wear my new t-shirt!

Claudine sent me this picture:

Bike Doc

In N Natomas, Jibe provides residents access to Bike Doc on Saturdays at the Natomas Farmers Market.

Bike Doc mechanics complete basic repairs and troubleshoot problems based on common issues and conditions. Jibe contracts with SABA to provide the service. This morning I was the receptionist receiving the bikes, tagging them, and keeping the paperwork in order.

Deb and Glenn, the lead mechanic

Two bubbly friendly sharks (looks way too hot to me):

The last bikes arrived at 11:20 and by noon, I was wilting in the heat – already 100 degrees. Time to go home.

Bike ride to Old Sac

Seven bicycles, eight people, 9 miles roundtrip from Thais and Lenin’s house. This was so much fun. We rode single file (like you’re supposed to) with Lenin riding sweep on the Yuba Mundo with Carson on the back.

Thais, Lenin, Sophia, Carson, Avery, Jeffery, Leo

Part of the Garden Highway is closed for construction but bikes and pedestrians can still pass through.

SABA staff meeting

We’ve been meeting bi-weekly in various Sacramento parks. Today at Albert Winn. The leaf-blower guy had been buzzing loudly around the perimeter of the park and it was hard to hear each other speak. Then he came to our section and “graciously” slowed down the noise to the point that we really couldn’t hear each other at all. We paused, watched, and waited. Smile.

Bikes rides

Tuesday. What’s left of Natomas Airfield:

Houses are being built all around it:
Thursday. Lorraine and I rode 11 miles. I showed her the pigs in Witter Ranch Park:
Then we checked out Hummingbird Park where we met John who was trying to learn how to ride his bike. I gave him a quick lesson .. with his mother’s approval.

I had a very good riding week. 5 days, 102 miles!

Urban Cycling – final class

The star pupils were Fayzah and her family. They came to every class and their skills and confidence noticeably improved. Huge thanks to Cesar and Deb from SABA for their support. I couldn’t have done this class without them.

Ahmed, Cesar, Fayzah, Maryam, Isa, Deb

There were plenty of goodies handed out at the end. Bells and front and rear lights which Cesar immediately installed on every bike. And U-locks and cables!

This was a fun class to teach and I learned we’re going to offer it again in the fall.

Monday morning ride

Bike riders from Heritage Park – a 55+ community in north North Natomas. Very good lane positioning for going straight on E Commerce to cross Del Paso Rd:

The best part of the ride happened later on Jackrabbit Trail. The conundrum: How was I, riding 10 mph, able to pass the same group of 3 female Bike Hikers, riding 15 mph, THREE times? At Arena Blvd: I clunked across the unpaved center divide. I figured they must have skinny tires, because they turned right onto Arena and made a U-turn at the traffic light at Truxel to come back to the trail. At Truxel Blvd: I got into the vehicle lane and followed a car turning left through the light. They stayed on the trail and waited much longer for their light to turn green. I got a good head start on them that time. At San Juan Rd, they were stopped and chatting as I passed them to ride home. We were good friends by this time!

Bike Match

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates has a program where people can donate bicycles, Bill Leddy fixes them up if needed, then the bikes are matched with other people who sign up needing a free bike. A few weeks ago, I picked up five children’s bikes in N Natomas and took them to Bill’s. The 3 smallest bikes fit in the back of my car, the bigger two went on the bike rack. Last week Bill shared this story about where the bikes ended up:
“Marcia’s friend Jane works with Afghan immigrants in Rancho Cordova so we gave the 5 bikes to her. Meet BibiMaryam age 6. She is so delighted with her new bike. She wanted to pay us all that she had… $1. 😉. You should see her ride! What a natural.👍

Meet Sharara, Nastaran and little Sana. Happy faces to have girls bikes instead of borrowing brother’s bike.”