Westfield Village Bike Club

This was my last bike club meeting at Westfield Village with its most faithful member, AngelLillie. I was so happy Deb Banks rode with us.

Riding with AngelLillie has been such a delightful experience that I wanted our last meeting to be special, so the three of us rode 2 miles to Joe’s Crab Shack in Old Sacramento.

Molly Wagner from WALKSacramento joined us.

On our way back,
I noticed some smoke, we stopped, evaluated, and called 911 …
a small crowd gathered,
the fire department arrived,
and put out the fire.
After being asked a few questions by a fireman, we rode on to where AngelLillie lived. I smiled as I listened to AngelLillie invent various scenarios about being heroines on bicycles, riding around, saving the community. When we said our final goodbyes, one of AngelLillies’s neighbors came by. She said, “We just saved all of West Sacramento from being burned down.” Smile. I will miss you AngelLillie.

Stonegate Bike Club

This was our last club meeting and I wanted it to be special. Donuts before we rode, they’d each told me their favorite kind last week, but I bought a few extra. About 2 minutes before our ride was supposed to begin, there was one donut left. Christoper, “Can I have it?!!” Of course. His third donut in 15 minutes!
We didn’t ride far but were still able to practice all the skills taught over the past 10 meetings. We went to local Fire Station 45 in West Sacramento for a tour.

The boys tried to climb UP the pole while Matthew’s mother, Ina, looked on. I was so happy to have a parent along for this ride. She told me she could really see improvement in Matthew’s riding skills and knowledge.
One minute from sliding down the pole
to this. Ready to go!
Andrew, Christopher, Connor, Matthew, and Logan – THANK YOU for being in Stonegate Bike Club. I had a great time and I know you learned a lot.
When I got home, I opened this gift card.

Bridgeway Island Bike Club

EVERYone in the bike club wanted to ride to the levee near the Port of Sacramento. Jim Brown researched the best route and led our group of 17 kids and 3 adults.

There are some great dirt paths, but the big attraction were the jumps.
There were some heart stopping moments

and a couple of tumbles.
and they all want to do it again next week.

One boy crashed twice and his bike was totally messed up. I felt so bad for him, I offered to get his bike fixed. I knew I could ask my neighbor Ray Krause if he would do it. Ray said YES!

Stonegate Bike Club

Today we practiced all the skills learned over the past 8 weeks as we rode to Starbucks. Christopher really enjoyed his donut! He’s so much fun to have in the club.
They’re all fun to have in the club. A bunch of happy kids who like to ride bikes!

Bike Rodeo

at River City High School in West Sacramento this morning. I set up the skills course.

Three bike club members from Bridgeway Island came to help.

Aaron and Matthew

Matthew won one of the raffle prizes:
Julie Williams led a bike ride along the Clarksburg Branch Trail:
Julie Williams, Ella’s dad, Deb Banks/SABA, bike club member Ella, Molly/WALKSacramento:

Westfield Village Bike Club

Today at Westfield Village, Jose’s bike was somewhere else being repaired, Tribe didn’t show up. So it was just me and AngelLillie. After practicing a few times, she was able to execute a perfect left turn, we went for a little ride and still had a half hour to go so I taught her how safely ride to her house and back to school. I met her dad. Then we discovered the newly-opened Sycamore Trail. As we rode side by side, she said, “I really like riding without the boys. I wish we could do this every week.” Smile!


Stonegate Elementary Bike Club

Now that all basic street-riding skills have been taught, it was time to practice those skills on the street. Which we did. Then we rode a cool trail with a (sort-of) round-about. All the boys loved riding around and around, relatively fast, laughing all the way.

Christopher, Connor, and Tyraun

Logan and Matthew


West Sacramento bike clubs

In addition to Project Ride Smart in the mornings, I also coach after-school bike clubs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Thursday club at Westfield Village started just this week and we will only have 6 meetings.
On Tuesdays, I’m at Stonegate Elementary and have 6 members. On Wednesdays, I’m at Bridgeway Island Elementary and have 25 members! This requires a whole different teaching strategy and more LCIs to lead the street rides. And there are only 3 club members at Westfield Village. Sweet! My biggest problem appears to be an inability to take pictures and coach at the same time. Thus, the above picture is the only one I’ve taken over the course of 10 club meetings in 5 weeks.