Stonegate Bike Club

This was our last club meeting and I wanted it to be special. Donuts before we rode, they’d each told me their favorite kind last week, but I bought a few extra. About 2 minutes before our ride was supposed to begin, there was one donut left. Christoper, “Can I have it?!!” Of course. His third donut in 15 minutes!
We didn’t ride far but were still able to practice all the skills taught over the past 10 meetings. We went to local Fire Station 45 in West Sacramento for a tour.

The boys tried to climb UP the pole while Matthew’s mother, Ina, looked on. I was so happy to have a parent along for this ride. She told me she could really see improvement in Matthew’s riding skills and knowledge.
One minute from sliding down the pole
to this. Ready to go!
Andrew, Christopher, Connor, Matthew, and Logan – THANK YOU for being in Stonegate Bike Club. I had a great time and I know you learned a lot.
When I got home, I opened this gift card.

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