Your bike rides this week

Sunday November 13. Brenda, Paul, Maria, JC:

Diana and Coletha:

Monday November 14. What a great bicycling day. There were 5 different rides with 14 people, total miles for the day = 199. I rode with Kathy and Roslyn – Roslyn’s FIRST ride ever with Arlete’s BIG. At our rest stop at Teal Bend Golf Course, we met Jean Marie and Ingrid.

Maria and Tony:

Kathy rode her trike later in the afternoon with Dani and Earldine:

Jim, Tracy, Brenda, Paul, Coletha:

Tuesday November 15. Brenda rode with Agueda and Minerva:

Ride with MOSAC: Andrea, Nathan, Barbara:

Wednesday November 16. I rode the Clarksburg Branch Trail in W Sacramento while I waited for a window on my suv to be repaired. Great ride, but the window is not fixed.

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