Project Ride Smart

Monday: Uh-oh, over the weekend, the playground was repaved. We had to redraw four 10′ x 100′ lanes – as in bending over and drawing lines with chalk.Students getting ready to watch a demonstration of the right hand turn, I rode while Pollyanna narrated:Then it was time for the students to practice:By Friday, we were doing the first on-street bike rides. Except for my red group. We stayed on the bike path.Three notable students this week. At left, Natalie who wore ALL pink one day to raise breast cancer awareness. She said, “Breast cancer runs in my family and I want it to stop!” Ana, who must have some kind of natural athletic ability. She was a non-rider and came to the first coaching session. Within 30 minutes, she had taught herself how to ride. Pershing who saw me taking the picture and asked if he could be in it also. Of course!

Costumes and soccer

On Tuesday I needed help from Thais to draw the wings for the Avery’s Charizard costume. Avery was certain he would be able to fit into Carson’s Baby Charizard costume. Wiggle carefully …Yup, he made it:
On Thursday, there was soccer practice at a field near their school.

RLEHS Sunday Social

Joyce Buckland welcomed everyone.The speaker was Kris McFunstigate, of The Rio Linda Elverta Community Players. This relatively new local group was looking for other local non-profits who would help work at performances and receive half the proceeds from ticket sales.The Throwdown key ingredient was pumpkin.The winner was Norma Horrell with Pumpkin Pie Fudge.

Knock my socks off …

At an early moment at the Cousins Reunion, I looked across the room – without my glasses on so things were a bit blurry – there was a woman who looked just liked Dick’s youngest sibling, Aurora (Belarmino). Huh? She even sounded like Aurora. It WAS Aurora. To which Hodel was she connected? OMG! The youngest son of my cousin Ted, Richard Hodel. They met at last summer’s all-70s RLSHS reunion. We had a great time reconnecting!

Hodel Cousins Reunion

There were 9 Hodel siblings from Saskatchewan Canada: Anna, Regina, John, Ida, Fred, Henry, Bill, Emma, Ed.

L-R: John, Fred, Ida, Henry, Bill, Ed

L-R: Ed, Ida, John, Anna, Fred, Regina, Bill

L-R: Bill, Regina, Anna, Emma

Five of them – Ida, John, Fred, Bill, and Ed – moved to California in the 20s/30s/40s, all started egg-producing chicken ranches in Rio Linda. Today we gathered together as many Hodel family members as we could at Phyl and Dave’s house.


Courtney, Chuck, Connie

At right, Herb Posehn, 90 years old from Gig Harbor WA, the only surviving son of Ida.Dave studiously watched the tri-tips on the grill, no flames allowed!Ida’s family:Bill’s family:Ed’s family:John’s family:Thank you Phyl for additional pictures. What a great time! In the future, we talked about a big group going to PBR in Jan, and another reunion a year from now! Fingers crossed for more get-togethers.

Friday night prep

Big day tomorrow, so tonight I prepped as much as possible. Nametags:Meanwhile, on the stove, Italian Mac & Cheese X 2:Finally, late in the evening, a little prep for Sunday … not sure how many little loaves of bread I will need …

Project Ride Smart

Week 2. More in-class lessons.Pollyanna taught Right-of-Way Rules. We also had one day of blacktop drills plus 2 days of after-school coaching. We asked 17 students (about 20% of students served) to PLEASE come to after-school coaching based on initial assessments.

Field Trip: Chico

Adrienne and I drove to Chico today to visit a few of Justin’s favorite shops and CSUChico, Ade’s alma mater and where she met Mike. Stop #1: Maisie Jane’s. Everything in the store was made in Chico or grown on the family farm.We went on to the main part of downtown and explored a few shops, including Made in Chico and Chico Paper. We had lunch at Justin suggested I order the Pastrami Bomb – OMG, the best!Unique art benches by local artists dot the downtown area.Lots of changes on campus since Ade went here in the late 60s/early 70s.What a fun day! We’re already thinking about our next trip to Chico.

Neighborhood bike tour

This morning, I met a group of people attending the California Bike Summit conference who chose to go on a short bike tour of the area served by NNTMA (North Natomas Transportation Management Association) to see ongoing projects and various accomplishments. I didn’t attend the conference but was glad to be invited to go on part of this tour, especially since I am now a resident. We were welcomed by Howard Chan, Sacramento City Manager, and an avid bike rider. At left is Abbey Stumpf, NNTMA Marketing Communications Manager. At right is Becky Heieck, NNTMA Executive Director. At the first stop, we met a city engineer who works closely with NNTMA to make improvements.Next stop, Westlake Charter School where residents strongly objected to having the associated traffic congestion in their neighborhood. A wide-ranging and complicated plan was created to help with the anticipated problems. Solutions included a walking school bus to and from school every day and a web site so parents know where to park and how to move smoothly through the neighborhood. I left the tour at this point to hurry back to Natomas Park Elementary because the whole group would shortly be in our Project Ride Smart classroom to observe.