Project Ride Smart

Monday: Uh-oh, over the weekend, the playground was repaved. We had to redraw four 10′ x 100′ lanes – as in bending over and drawing lines with chalk.Students getting ready to watch a demonstration of the right hand turn, I rode while Pollyanna narrated:Then it was time for the students to practice:By Friday, we were doing the first on-street bike rides. Except for my red group. We stayed on the bike path.Three notable students this week. At left, Natalie who wore ALL pink one day to raise breast cancer awareness. She said, “Breast cancer runs in my family and I want it to stop!” Ana, who must have some kind of natural athletic ability. She was a non-rider and came to the first coaching session. Within 30 minutes, she had taught herself how to ride. Pershing who saw me taking the picture and asked if he could be in it also. Of course!

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