A movie and lunch

Ade and I are enjoying trying out new restaurants in Sacramento. This time:
The menu choices are few, but so delicious. Shepherd’s Pie:
Ade wisely got her S’mores Pie to go.
Not me. Cherry Pie a la mode. I ate the whole darn thing. Yum.

Thursday @ Merrilyn’s

Always delicious. Always fun! Whipped ricotta with pine nuts and raisins on crostini:
Cocktail meatballs and Cauliflower Toasts:
Not pictured: wine 🙂 and Phyllis 😦

Hey, Bob, that picture would have turned out better if you’d take it.


Yesterday, Adrienne and I loaded a table with a leaf, 4 chairs and a bench into the back of Justin’s truck. We used lots padding between the pieces, rethreaded a tie-down strap (whew), and used it to tighten everything down. Then we tied together pieces that still jiggled a bit using a method I learned from a sailor/lady in Mexico, “If you can’t tie a knot, tie a lot.” We were quite proud of ourselves.

Early this morning Ade drove to my house, then we drove Justin’s truck to Campbell where Ade’s daughter Alyson lives with her family. We had great traffic conditions going both directions – rarely the case when driving to/from the Bay Area.
On the way home, we stopped for lunch at Boudin’s in Vacaville. Thanks, Ade!

Rio Linda Country Fair Parade

From the point of view of the driver. Matt, Pastor Kirsten’s husband, sat in the truck bed and rang the bell.
After the parade was over, the bell was unloaded.
I pulled off all the decorations.
By mid-afternoon, I was on my way to Adrienne’s in Rocklin to get ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

Loading the bell

After work on Friday, I got Justin’s truck washed and met a crew at Calvary to load the bell for the Country Fair Parade tomorrow morning.
Then I parked the truck in Leone and Don Thorne’s back yard. A different group of people came over to decorate it.

Project Ride Smart

Monday-Friday. It was mainly bike rides in the community this final week. The other LCIs were Gina, Doug, and Deanna. We each had no more than 8 students in each group.
Personal safety check:

Some houses had great Halloween decorations: