Project Ride Smart

At Natomas Park Elementary. I got to ride with the Blue group – what a lucky draw! These kids KNOW how to ride. They give hand signals, can complete a proper left turn and navigate a 4-way stop following the right-of-way rules. I worked with these two classes on Monday and today.

At the end of the day. All the bikes are tightly packed along one wall. Gina and Deanna are debriefing on the final day of Project Ride Smart.

We had many volunteers so all skill levels were well-covered.

Fun day! Great kids.

Your bike rides this week

Last week. Riding in Morro Bay, Dani:


Monday September 27. Dani, Kathy, and Leo:

Thursday September 30. Cheryl, Jane, Dani, Kathy:

Saturday October 2. Rupert, Jeorgianna, and I met up on the east side of I-5 and rode a loop to Pete’s Restaurant and Brewhouse to have lunch. Each of us paid separately and each will receive a $15 gift card to a local restaurant from Jibe as part of their Saddle Up Saturdays promotion.

Sunday Oct 3. Barbara and Cheryl:

Your bike rides this week

Tuesday September 21. Cindy and Barbara:

Wednesday September 22. I rode with Jon:

Thursday September 23. Amal and I rode downtown to see 14 of the 2021 Wide Open Walls murals. At our first stop on C Street, a photographer asked Amal to pose in front of this one.

Friday September 24. I rode with Rupert, Jeorgianna, and Jon:


After Avery’s soccer game, I drove to Lucille’s Smokehouse in Rocklin and picked up dinner for two!

Better than sitting in a crowded restaurant, picking up dinner, cocktails and dessert included, and sharing my birthday with a good friend is the best. Thanks Adrienne!