Halloween 2020

This year was different for sure!

Spiderman, his brother, and Spidergrandma:

In the early evening, the doorbell rang … neighbors Judy, Stacey, and Emily with a delightful Halloween poem and a little bag of treats.

Busy Thursday

In the morning, Freida and I went for a ride. She agreed to go through all the steps for a box turn while I took lots of pictures for the next Better on Bikes class. Thanks Freida!

Then I picked up two bikes in Carmichael that were donated to SABA’s Bike Match program

Marylou, the donor

followed by picking up Sophia, Avery, and Carson, going to Starbucks, followed by Avery’s soccer practice.

He’s out there somewhere


Office Hours

It was a bit chilly on Sunday morning, nevertheless 8 participants in Better on Bikes came out for Office Hours. We did a few bike drills and went for a ride around Fisherman’s Lake – 2.75 miles. Those who wanted a few more miles went an second time with an extension to El Centro Rd.

Bike Doc

This Saturday morning, it was at Four Seasons Westshore. Three mechanics pulling (225-pound) trailers with all the equipment you see in the following pictures. They rode about 3 miles on Del Paso Rd with a climb over I-5 (on/off ramps require vigilance and caution).

Party Car

Today Avery turned 9 years old. Being the strange year that it is, our party happened right here:

A gift in the back seat and TWO items each from Starbucks. Happy Birthday!! And three days later, Hedwig was finished: