New Year’s Day

Another revived tradition from long ago – our Chinese feast. We prepped a little each day. Two days ago I started the pork mixture for Steamed Buns (which are baked). Today we started early to finish everything up. Wrapping a 4-inch circle of dough around 1/4 cup char siu (barbecued pork):

There was also won ton soup, paper-wrapped chicken, and

fried won tons with a sweet and sour sauce. Everything was so yummy!

New Year’s Eve

We’ve been enjoying some of our favorite recipes from long ago. Phil made a delicious chicken-rice casserole. Yesterday, I made a prosciutto-provolone stuffed focaccia to go with her chicken vegetable supper soup. Today we made appetizers for our traditional movies and champagne New Year’s Eve. Charcuterie board, sausage in crescent rolls, bacon-wrapped pineapple, and salmon mousse cups:

We also watched the recently-released movie Don’t Look Up.

Trivia Night

Mt Powell Tap Room in downtown Deer Lodge (population about 3000).

Our team name was MT4CA1 – 4 from Montana, 1 from California. Greg and Karen, Dave and Phyl:

There were four 10-question rounds. Round 3 was spelling. Despite the fact that Phyl, Karen and I all KNEW we were excellent spellers, we missed 4. Which 4?

Chris2, Macee, Chris3 and Murphy also came by.

Deer Lodge MT

I should have arrived yesterday but my flight was one of the 1000 flights canceled on Monday. I was rebooked for this morning and got to Butte around noon. Dave and Phyl picked me up.

It’s cold! 9 degrees or -12 celsius. It will be all indoor activities for me.

Christmas Day

As it turned out with various family schedules, Adrienne and I got to spend the day together. I made rosemary focaccia – an hours-long process –

Ade made a delicious Italian sausage soup. We watched football

and talked the afternoon away. A very good Christmas Day. LOL and no picture of us – it was also a sweats and care-free hair day.

Your bike rides this week

Well, there haven’t been many. It’s been raining a lot. One text I received with the number of miles ridden said it was “too cold to take a picture.” However, one of our members just rode an e-bike for the first time. Carmen rode 20 miles up Mt Tohivea to Belvedere Lookout Pt on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia.

Carmen is second from the right.

Congratulations Carmen. What a great ride!