Sophia and Avery

More fun after work this week. I got to watch Sophia and Avery after school every day (except Tuesday) until Thais or Lenin got home. A couple of days, cousin Lauren was with us also! Sophia taught me how to fish.DSC02961
I successfully caught a Sophiafish, but my pole broke when I tried to reel her in.DSC02962
Some days, Carter doesn’t even hear me come in. Usually he’s sound asleep somewhere in the house.DSC02971
Front flips on the couch – enough to make a grandmother’s heart flutter!DSC02975
Avery is very interested in dinosaurs and watches dinosaur battles on the iPad a lot.DSC02979Yay! Mom and Carson are home.DSC02983DSC02990Soccer practice happens two days/week.DSC03000DSC03010Meanwhile, Sophia went over to a row of trees and picked up a t-shirt-full of “chalk rocks”. She said it was a “second grade thing.” She took all the rocks to a farther-away location, dropped them on the ground,DSC02996and covered them up with pine needles.DSC02997She is now the only second grader who knows where the secret stash is. Time for Sophia’s practice.DSC03015DSC03018

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