CELDT testing

This week, we were at Allison SchoolDSC02956where I got to visit with Esther Sullivan who was the secretary at Sierra View when I taught there. She’s retired but fills in as a sub when needed. My team of testers is just me and Jeanne McClaren.

L-R: Jeanne, Esther

L-R: Jeanne, Esther

Jeanne and I were also at Morey Ave which is only preschool, Head Start, and kindergarten. DSC02995My testing space was just on the other side of a half wall from the “cafeteria.” No testing during this time for sure!DSC02993Quote of the week, overheard as a teacher was taking her class out for recess. “Children, remember you many not go in the bathroom stall, lock the door, and crawl underneath the door to get out.”

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