CELDT testing ends

Jeanne and I worked at Morey on Monday then moved on to Regency Park – one of my favorite schools because I usually teach Project Ride Smart here in May/June. On Tuesday, we were joined by Georgene Cooper, Rich Schmidt,DSC03055and Val Sills.DSC03056Two of my favorite fifth grade teachers, Jim Young and Joni O’Connor (I taught Joni’s son Shawn at Westside Charter School):DSC03060Yesterday I met Mr Young’s class and challenged them to remember my name until next May for Project Ride Smart. Today, every once in a while I heard someone say, “Hi Miss Arlete.” Then after recess, the whole class called out, so proud they still remembered. Smiles all around!DSC03062DSC03063This week I learned the Punjabi word for elbow is pronounced “COH-nee.”

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