This was our only whole day to explore Brussels. We walked to Grand Place – a huge plaza surrounded by huge ornate buildings and packed with people.

The most prolific shops sold Belgian chocolates.
We tried a Hop On Hop Off bus tour which was rather disappointing. In the distance you can (sort of) see the 335-foot tall Atomium – built for the 1958 World’s Fair – a model of an iron crystal molecule increased in size 165 billion times. Each sphere is 60 feet in diameter, five of them are habitable, the highest one is a restaurant.

National Basilica of the Sacred Heart

We lingered long enough in this chocolate shop to get two free samples.
We wanted to find Manneken Pis – another famous Brussels landmark since 1451 – a 24-inch tall statue of a naked boy peeing into a fountain – but we were unsuccessful. Over the years, Manneken Pis has been clothed in a variety of costumes, to the point that he’s had 1000 outfits that now have a museum of their own. The best we could do see Manneken Pis made out of chocolate and decorated with other sweets in this shop.
Ready to sing? “California here we come. Right back where we started from.” Tomorrow!

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