Better on Bikes this week

The first to ride 400 miles, Cheryl:

Monday: Around Hansen Ranch Park = 25 miles. Kathy, Cheryl, Jonathan, Pat, and Dani on the recumbent:

Sacramento Northern Bike Trail near Elkhorn Blvd

Wednesday: Around the airport = 17 miles. Cindy, Kathy, and Cheryl:

Power Line Rd over-crossing of I-5

Thursday: To Trek Bicycle = 22 miles. This was fun, we all got to shop a bit, Dani got a quick fix to her stem – that’s great service – and the shop gave each of us a small hand sanitizer which easily attaches to the handlebars.

2419 K St, Sacramento

We rode the R St bicycle over-crossing of I-5 to get back to Old Sac. Kathy, Barbara (also at 400 miles), Dani, Cheryl:

Discovery Park near Garden Hwy

Friday: Tour of North Natomas = 20 miles. The 3 major bike trails and a few smaller ones. Rod, Cindy, Cheryl, Dani, Kathy, Jane, Karen:

Jackrabbit Trail near Airport Rd

Go team! That’s a total of 84 miles in 4 rides.

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