Your bike rides this week

Saturday October 8. Paul and Jim:

After Brenda left the Pedal Up Natomas class at 11-ish, she took advantage of Saddle Up Saturday. She rode to Panera, had lunch, and will receive a $15 gift card to Raley’s/Bel Air grocery stores.

Barbara and Cheryl rode to Dave’s Market in W Sacramento and enjoyed just-fried doughnuts.

Spotted in the Wilhaggin neighborhood:

Sunday October 9. Elaine and me:

Monday October 10. After a stop at Kaiser, I rode with Barbara and Kathy to Scott’s before heading back.

Later in the afternoon, I rode with MOSAC – Barbara Nathan and Andrea:

Coletha, Jim, Brenda, Maria, Diana. Three from Pedal Up Natomas, one from Better on Bikes, and Brenda has completed both classes.

Thursday October 13. Diana and Coletha:

Saturday October 15. Maria, Jim, Paul, Brenda:

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