Breathe Bike Trek

I was up early this morning to get ready for this annual charity bike ride with the Good Jibes team. We met in Penryn at 7:45 for our team picture.

Back row: Charlie, William, Kathy, Bruce, Diane, Dani, Jonathan. Front row: Michelle, Amal, me, Steven, Becky, Mellissa. I rode the short route which turned out to be 22 miles because I missed a couple of turns and had to backtrack. It was way more hilly than riding around N Natomas and Sacramento – challenging but fun.

Friday afternoon delivery

Whew! Done and delivered. The Breathe Bike Trek is Sept 7-10 in Petaluma. I decided I just couldn’t fit this into my schedule this year but had previously committed to providing some raffle prizes. For the past few weeks, I’ve been sewing up a storm. I made FOUR upcycled t-shirts (sizes S, M, Lg, X-lg) using last year’s BBT t-shirt, four polka-dot zippered bags (the lining is the back of the t-shirt with all the sponsors’ names) and 2 small zippered bags. I delivered everything to the Breathe CA office this afternoon.

Breathe Bike Trek – Sunday

Today was a short ride. We all left together with Sue in the lead.dsc03376I was soon outdistanced by the group. I am the slowest rider so I think my role should be “sweep” for the entire group on every ride.dsc03378dsc03380Miles = 25. After packing up camp, loading the car, and eating lunch, I was on the road for home shortly after noon. This weekend was so much fun. Riding with Roseville Transit was great, everyone was so nice and welcoming, and Sue Schooley did a great job of organizing our team. Total fun!

Breathe Bike Trek – Saturday

Stacy Springer at the pre-ride safety meeting:dsc03347L-R: me, Barbara, Mike, Paula, Sue, Cal, Marsha, Mike, Elaine.dsc03354dsc03355The first rest stop was 16 miles into the ride at Hanna Winery.dsc03358L-R: Barbara, Paula, me, Juneko, Marsha, Sue, Mike, Elaine.dsc03363dsc03364dsc03366Franz Valley School Road – oh my! – I rode farther up the hill than I did last year, but when the grade increased to about 12%, I had to walk. So did a lot of other riders, including these two Bodacious Biking Babes from El Dorado Hills.dsc03373Miles = 36

Breathe Bike Trek – Friday

7 am, breakfast eaten, final preparations for today’s ride. It was COLD last night! We had to be on the road by 8 am. dsc03308Castello di Amorosa:dsc03310The first rest stop was 10 miles into the ride:dsc03312dsc03314Lake Hennessy:dsc03317The second rest stop was at the boat ramp:dsc03320dsc03321There was a cow grazing just beyond the grape vines:dsc03324Upon closer inspection:dsc03325dsc03328At the safety meeting every rider attended before leaving for the day, we were told to watch out for trucks hauling “chardonnays”. Falling clusters of grapes were a danger to cyclists. dsc03329-1Dutch Henry Winery.dsc03335Olive oil tasting:dsc03333-1This is the big hall where we ate all our meals. The food was delicious and plentiful!dsc03336Team Captain Sue Schooley with Bob (age 88, this year he became the biggest fundraiser in the history of the trek with over $10,000; he’s been trekking with Breathe CA for more than 40 years and remembers 100-mile backpacking trips in the Sierras. “That was a lot of fun!” he said.) and a Breathe CA staff member. dsc03341-1Miles = 34

Breathe Bike Trek – Thursday

This year’s event was held in Calistoga. You may remember a year ago, I did this ride (it was called Emigrant Trails Bike Trek then), the Valley Fire broke out, the Napa County Fairgrounds was needed as an evacuation center, and we were all asked to leave Saturday night. I rode with Roseville Transit this year. Some of us arrived on Thursday afternoon. My little abode for the next 3 nights:dsc03303There were 15 people in our group.dsc03304As it got dark, we walked into town for dinner:dsc03305dsc03306From the left, Becky, Joy, Team Captain Sue Schooley, Brian, Cal, and Elaine.dsc03307