My week in bicycles

Monday May 2. Project Ride Smart at Regency Park. The second street ride for the Blue Group:

Later in the afternoon, I met Honey at a local park for her third (and final) 30-minute bike riding lesson. I am happy to report, she is now a bike rider.

Tuesday May 3. PRS @ RPE street ride #3. Becky Garrow rode with the Blue group today practicing her LCI teaching skills.

Later in the afternoon, Westlake Charter School bike club. 17 students and Mr Mallove on a 4.5-mile bike ride.

Wednesday May 4. I rode in the morning with Amal, Jeorgianna and Rupert. In the afternoon, I rode a route to Track 7 and picked up 3 Better on Bikes 4 participants along the way. Michelle from Jibe, Brenda, Arun, Agueda:

This Meet and Greet was very-well attended.

Thursday May 5. The last day of Project Ride Smart, a day of fun activities. Hula hoop toss:

Later in the afternoon, Westlake Charter Bike Club. 20 students + Mr Mallove + parent volunteer Peter = 4.5 miles of fun.

In the evening, Better on Bikes meeting #3 on Zoom. Another busy week!

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