Adult Learn to Ride

Tuesday, class #1. A bit of rain at the beginning of class. A team of volunteers – Kathy, Lennore, Paul, Elaine – removed pedals and labeled each pair, pumped up tires and adjusted seat heights. In addition to our volunteers, there were 4 students and 3 instructors: me, Deanna and Anya. There were a variety of bikes to choose from. For adult beginners, there are 3 basic stages to being a independent bicycle rider. 1-Balance. Using this very gradual slope helped gain the necessary speed which improved balance. 2-Brakes. Use brakes like a dimmer switch to slow down and stop.

3-Add one pedal and practice. Add the second pedal and .. ta da! Congratulations Polly, the first to be successful.

Within 1 1/2 hours, three of four had become independent bike riders. The 4th person needs just needs a bit more practice. LCI Deanna explaining what happens with 2 pedals.

Big thanks for our volunteers, Paul and Kathy, and Lennore:

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