Your bike rides this week

Thursday April 27. Rachel:

Stacy, Kathy, Dani, Cheryl, and Larry in the golf cart who stopped to visit:

Friday April 28. Dani, Kathy, Stacy:


Sunday April 30. Maria and Tony:

On the trikes leaving on their own ride, Jonathan, Kathy and Earldine. Leo, Cheryl, Elaine and I went in a different direction.

Two groups converged on the trail near Peregrine Park and the bike/ped bridge over I-80. We were on our way to the kickoff event for May is Bike Month in River Park in W Sacrmento. Elaine, me, Cheryl, BarbaraL, Leo, Jim, Rachel, Brenda. In the background Agueda is encouraging Minerva to hurry up.

Wednesday May 3. Rosalyn and I rode to the zoo and back.

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