More Merge progress

By Sunday evening, the rest of the team had created this. My bodice piece was still needed. Marcie also created the beginnings of a wrap and headpiece. Our runway model is Sedonah:

By Wednesday, the embroidered bodice was attached and the headpiece had evolved.

A perfect fit! Well, of course.

Very nice, but the wrap had also evolved into something quite unique. This will make for a great reveal on the runway.

The gray “fur” section is crescent-shaped pieces of carpet glued to the base so they stand up plus there’s an ombre effect from front to back.

A completely different look with the “fur” section up.

And, the wrap could easily be reversed. Marcie pleated this “fabric” with gold strips stitched to the top edge of the pleat on this side.

I think we’re ready for Friday’s Merge fashion show at the Sacramento Zoo.

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