The team got together at Marcie’s Friday afternoon, but I had everything I needed for the embroidery planned for the bodice section at my house. Thais put yarn lines on the “fabric” (1/8″ thick and quite dense) for the parallel lines but I had to figure out how to create a chain that spread out evenly from front to back.

The red sparkly thread was quite frustrating and I broke quite a few needles trying to go through the fabric. I was getting nervous about being able to complete the project, things weren’t going well. Finally, LATE Friday night, I figured out I needed to make a hole in the fabric with a hammer and nail in order for the thread go through smoothly. While the red sparkly thread was not very cooperative (I hope never to work with this thread ever again), the black floss made up for my frustration. On Saturday morning (after teaching a morning bicycling class), I began making holes every 3/8-1/2″ along every line front and back. And I sacrificed my cutting board.

By Monday at noon, I was finished. Front

and back:

On Tuesday, I drove to Marcie’s with the finished pieces and stayed for a couple of hours to add some snaps to the fringe sections that need to cover the zipper.

The rest of the LPAS team has been working collaboratively on the rest of the garment. Next for me: finish the outfit I’m going to wear on Friday, specifically a pair of pants.

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