Merge 2019

A “Creative Collaboration Event” where local designers from the top architectural and interior design firms in Sacramento turn architectural materials into fashion. Over the past two weeks, 13 teams have designed and created wearable fashion from plastic laminates, carpet, textiles, paint chips, wall coverings, tile, etc. Tonight one model from each team walked down the runway in the ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
Materials boards:
At right is the board for our team – LPAS:
None of my pictures of the fashion show turned out (darnit). So these pictures are from Southaphone Phommalinh who works at LPAS. When I first met Southaphone, she explained how to pronounce her name, “like sit upon a chair.” Here is the first of thirteen entries. From ATI:
On the way back down the runway came the reveal:
CSUS students:

HGA/KBM Hogue:
Lionakis, also Casey Wong, winner of the Best Model:
The reveal included a wig removal:
LPAS. We won Best of Show! Our model, Isabel, was great!

A close-up of the earrings, made by Heston who also cut all the vinyl flooring pieces on a band saw.
Williams + Paddon:
Thank you Southaphone for the great pictures. This was so much fun! I loved every minute of the evening and all the preparation. What a great group of young creative people!

Merge on Wednesday

The last evening to make final touches. After I whip-stitched the facing onto the waist band, other team members poked holes and added brads.
Wrapping the wrap-around skirt on our model, Isabel.
As it turned out the brads at the waist band came apart easily, so they were all removed in favor of small grommets. Practicing the skirt flipping reveal:

Merge on Sunday

More triangles of vinyl flooring were added and the carpet circles were attached with brads.
Use your imagination: the model walks down the runway wearing a little black dress and a circle skirt …
and unwraps the circle skirt and flips it around to reveal:


Fingers are crossed that this actually works the way it’s envisioned. The skirt is really heavy and unwieldy.

Merge on Saturday

Inside, drafting the “little black dress”:
Arranging the long narrow trapezoid pieces of vinyl flooring – except they go on the (white) wrong side of the circle skirt, not on the black side.
The circles were cut from a carpet square. It was decided additional triangles of vinyl flooring were needed to fill in the gaps.

Merge on Friday

IIDA (International Interior Design Association) Northern California is presenting the¬†9th annual MERGE 2019 Fashion Show. FIT FOR FUTURE! Thirteen design teams will use commercial interior products donated by sponsors to create wearable, futuristic fashions. Proceeds from the event go toward student scholarships. ¬†Thais’ company, LPAS, is competing and I was asked to participate. Yay! We met at Marcie and Michael’s house on Friday to figure out how to create Marcie’s design idea.
The beginning of a circle skirt using two kinds of vinyl fabric. There wasn’t enough of one fabric so the pieces had to be patched together.
Marcie has an amazing sewing/craft room with tons of storage. I could have written an entire blog post about this room, but I leave you with just one picture:
When there isn’t enough room on the clothesline: