Harmony-Preston Valley Trail

We drove to Preston.

We’d planned to ride to Harmony even though the map said there were some steep climbs. We’d ridden uphill to Fountain, so how hard could these climbs be.

As it turned out, there are two trails out of Preston and we did not ride toward Harmony. Instead we rode to Isinours Junction, the intersection with the Root River Trail, then turned around and rode back to Preston. We took a selfie here a few days ago when we rode (right to left) from Whalan to Fountain and back.

From Preston, we now headed toward Harmony.

We crossed over Watson Creek many times.

Hazard! – but a small mown path over to the side.

Shortly after this, the climbing began. No thanks, we turned around, back to Preston. Fun ride and trail today – 25 miles. SE Minnesota along the Root River = a great cycling destination. I would come back here.

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