Short ride

It was supposed to be the hottest day of the week, so we planned a short ride. Get up at 5 am – very foggy. 6 am – ok, slightly foggy but more light, let’s do this. We were able to ride along the campground trail

toward Whalen until we had to get onto MN-16 for a brief time. At this time of the morning, we encountered zero cars in either direction. There was a 12-inch paved shoulder and and 24-inch gravel shoulder right of that.

We stopped at Lanesboro Pastry Shoppe and got a scone before riding back. It looked like they also served really good breakfasts. The place was filled with the local guys maybe 20 of them. I think they solved most of the world’s problems this morning before leaving to start the day’s work.

We returned the same way we came for a short 13 mile ride. Crossing the Root River in Whalan:

We got back at 9, then the raindrops began to fall as I locked up the bikes. It rained for the next 2 hours. Thank you Mother Nature.

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