Little Swan Lake Winery

We left on Friday and spent one night in an RV park in Clear Lake Iowa. Our driving distances are short, we arrive early at every destination – a rather relaxed way to travel! By early afternoon, we arrived in Estherville Iowa at a Harvest Host: Little Swan Lake Winery.

The main building featured the wine-tasting area and gift shop. The far door was the entrance to the music/dinner venue. The metal tower structure beyond that had two B&B apartments, the very top was an informal gathering area. There was a 2-bedroom apartment on the second floor at the left end of the red building. Included in the B&B was a bottle of wine and a hot breakfast (eggs in a cloud).

We were early into the tasting room and purchased a few bottles.

Scott, the owner:

When we booked this HH, we also reserved a table for the meal + music event that evening. What a great accent to this overnight.

Music by Lauren and the Drifters:

The meal was simple, a bison burger and cole slaw – everything was delicious. The place was packed. The B&B overnighters had their own staircase to come down into the venue and their own special table.

Everyone was having a great time. I took a little break to go to the bathroom, came back, quickly grabbed my camera .. a few people were having a REALLY good time (this is actually 3 people dancing together):

Little Swan Lake Winery also raise their own bison!

That was too much fun. Good night.

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