Root River Trail – day 1

We drove 1.3 miles from the campground to Whalan – a very small town – to start our ride.

It was supposed to be hot in the afternoon, so we left at 6 am. As it turned out, it was foggy and quite chilly for the first part of the ride.

Note these black-eyed susans, you will see them again in about 3 hours as we ride back into town:

Billie made cheese omelets. We usually ride for a while, then stop for breakfast. We always look for a bench or table to stop at – a nice feature of some trails.

Rushford Village and Rushford – two different towns on the map. Several historic buildings were transported to this location on the trail.

I was more interested in finding the lefse shop. Merrilyn makes the BEST lefse every December at Christmastime – a real treat. Billie had never heard of lefse. Because it was Sunday, the shop was closed but we’re coming back.

That was our turnaround point. The fog had lifted.

And back to Whalan – the home of the stand-still parade.

28 wonderful miles and we were done by 10 am!

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