Root River Trail – day 2

We drove back to Whalan at 7 am. As we were unloading our bikes, Ernie pulled over into the left lane and stopped to chat. When we told him we were riding to Fountain and back, he said, “Ohh .. that’s uphill.” But then you get to ride back down!

Leaving Whalan:

Less than 5 miles later, we rode through Lanesboro.

You can go into the phone booth and dial a special number that will tell you a stories about the town:

A different view of the waterfall dam:

The last 5 miles into Fountain was noticeably more uphill, but not too bad, I could pedal 6 mph.

Fountain is known for its sinkhole demonstration site and the western end of the Root River Trail. I took every picture I could think on the way here because I had no intention of missing any part of a nice downhill ride.

32 miles! Beautiful trail.

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