Longleaf Trace MM 3-18

Hurray, we got to ride today! We parked at a trailhead on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi.

You never know what you’ll see on a bike trail, today a band playing great music. There was a big event today, a Farm to Fork run/walk plus 52- and 36-mile bike rides.

There were a couple of very large groups of paceline riders – high speed and all clustered together for drafting.

Piney woods on both sides of the trail for the most part:

We had lunch in Sumrall, instead of “fine dining” at Lau-tori’s (closed with a still-active website) we had to compromise with an ok hamburger from a local fast food place … it really didn’t matter, we were hungry. On the way back, the bike/ped bridge over Hwy 59:

Beautiful weather and a great 32-mile ride.

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