Your bike rides this week

Saturday May 1. Cherry Island bike ride along the Dry Creek Parkway. Great picture by Cheryl of Kathy Jonathan Leo Barbara and Dani:

Sunday May 2. Very windy and valiant effort by Leo Cheryl and Carmen:

Monday May 3. Still windy but a few folks went out for a ride. Cindy:

And observed by Barbara and Jean Marie on their ride, logs in the wires:

Tuesday May 4. Kathy Cindy Cheryl Jonathan:

Woo-hoo Barbara. This morning she hiked 5.5 miles in Auburn (foothills of Sierra Nevadas) where she saw this:

In the afternoon, she rode 25 miles! Barbara:

Wednesday May 5. Brake Fast Wednesday at Witter Ranch Park from 7-9 am. Mellissa Meng from Jibe hosted this May is Bike Month coffee and pastry stop. Mellissa Barbara Cindy C and Cindy R. Picture by Cheryl.

In front of the Sacramento Zoo, Dani Kathy Cheryl Barbara:

Thursday May 6. Barbara took this picture at the Guy West Bridge of Kathy Jane Cheryl Cindy:

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