A week of bike riding

On Tuesday, a group of us rode to Old Sac. But once we got there, someone suggested we ride farther. We turned around at Miller Park.

Barbara, Kathy, Cheryl, Dani, me

Dani’s at the front, leading out group back home. Jonathan is our sweep. I followed like a proud mama bird whose babies left the nest for the first time. Consistent use of hand signals, great decision-making at intersections, excellent lane positioning, and so much more.

On Wednesday, we rode the Jackrabbit Trail + two nearby parks with great bike trails.

Cheryl, Barbara, Dani, Kathy, Leo

We looked across Elkhorn Blvd and saw a huge mass of white birds in the harvested rice fields with hundreds more birds getting ready to land.

On Thursday, we rode around the Sacramento International Airport via the Garden Hwy, W Elverta Rd, and Power Line Rd: no bike lanes, 2-lane roads with no shoulder, almost no traffic, and no stopping. It was one continuous pedal – 16 miles.

Karen, Ofelia, Jonathan

On Friday, we welcomed a new rider to our group – Rod. We tried a new route via Del Paso Rd, Sac Northern Bike Trail through Del Paso Heights, N Sacramento, and Discovery Park.

Dani, Rod, Cheryl, Kathy, Barbara, Jonathan

Today, we rode to Old Sac then a 5-mile downtown route. It’s always a bit of an adventure – something odd, funny or unique happens on every ride.

Carmen, Jonathan, Cheryl

Another week of riding in the books … and another high mileage week for me. 107 miles. I might be motivating others to ride, but actually they’re motivating me!

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