Monday morning ride

Bike riders from Heritage Park – a 55+ community in north North Natomas. Very good lane positioning for going straight on E Commerce to cross Del Paso Rd:

The best part of the ride happened later on Jackrabbit Trail. The conundrum: How was I, riding 10 mph, able to pass the same group of 3 female Bike Hikers, riding 15 mph, THREE times? At Arena Blvd: I clunked across the unpaved center divide. I figured they must have skinny tires, because they turned right onto Arena and made a U-turn at the traffic light at Truxel to come back to the trail. At Truxel Blvd: I got into the vehicle lane and followed a car turning left through the light. They stayed on the trail and waited much longer for their light to turn green. I got a good head start on them that time. At San Juan Rd, they were stopped and chatting as I passed them to ride home. We were good friends by this time!

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