Bike Match

Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates has a program where people can donate bicycles, Bill Leddy fixes them up if needed, then the bikes are matched with other people who sign up needing a free bike. A few weeks ago, I picked up five children’s bikes in N Natomas and took them to Bill’s. The 3 smallest bikes fit in the back of my car, the bigger two went on the bike rack. Last week Bill shared this story about where the bikes ended up:
“Marcia’s friend Jane works with Afghan immigrants in Rancho Cordova so we gave the 5 bikes to her. Meet BibiMaryam age 6. She is so delighted with her new bike. She wanted to pay us all that she had… $1. 😉. You should see her ride! What a natural.👍

Meet Sharara, Nastaran and little Sana. Happy faces to have girls bikes instead of borrowing brother’s bike.”

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