Wide Open Walls murals tour

I went on the best bike ride today with Bill Leddy and his sister Julie Kaye.

I know Bill from SABA, Julie is the volunteer coordinator for Wide Open Walls. There are over 700 murals in Sacramento, Wide Open Walls has curated 100 of them. For several years, for 2 weeks in August, muralists are invited from all over the world to complete a project. Julie knows a lot about all the murals and the artists. She designed a 6.5-mile bike route which visits 48 murals by 59 artists for Week 4 of May is Bike Month. We started at the California Auto Museum. On the south wall:

Each letter was painted by a different artist. The i’s were painted by twin sisters.

and so many more. And almost every stop came with a good story. I spotted this in a tree just before I headed back to the starting point where I’d parked my car:

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