Erie Canal – day 5

Oh geez! Our longest day and I was sure I wouldn’t be able to finish it. We were up at 5,


at Dunkin Donuts at 5:30 where Donna stuck Salon-pas onto my neck and left shoulder. I’ve been plagued by a muscle pain across my left shoulder and up my neck every day, beginning at about 18 miles of riding. The last 15-20 miles of the ride have been excruciating, but once off the bike, I’m fine. Lots of ibuprofen didn’t help.


We were on the trail by sunrise.


Approaching Medina (Meh-DIE-nuh) across a long horrible kind of rumble strip:


Middleport. Many years ago, I camped to the right of the boat and enjoyed the excellent little cafe in the brick building as I rode the Northern Tier Adventure Cycling route.


By 9 am or so, we were in Lockport, but 2 hours early for this festival –  glass! I would have enjoyed this. Darn.


From this point on, the trail was paved which meant we could ride 2-3 mph faster. Hurray!


IMG_1260.jpgTonawanda, the end of the Erie Canalway Trail and our ride. Just 3 more miles to the motel.


Miles = 52. I made it! I’m somewhat shocked, especially after my 24 hours of negative thinking. Total miles for this adventure = 211. Wa-hoo!!

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