Erie Canal – day 4

Today’s challenge was a 13 mph headwind. Ugh. We did get an early start, before 7.IMG_1234.jpg

There were several lift bridges and lots of boats on the Canal.



Billie heard the bells of the lift bridge begin to ring and stopped to watch and video.


Catamaran (with no mast) Encore slipped through. For the rest of the day, Encore and I leapfrogged along the canal. He was going (maybe) 6 mph and I was going 8 mph, but I stopped a lot to drink water and rest.


Very picturesque today: the trail, countryside and small towns along the way.


We arrived in Albion in time for lunch. Hard riding today with the headwind, we’re all exhausted. And, if you ever happen to need to spend the night here, know that there are two Dollinger Motor Inns and you do NOT want to stay at the one in town (even if it’s 0.7 mi closer to the trail) – there was one drug arrest/room eviction by the police, one abandoned child rescued by the police, and a television on low-ish volume all night.

Miles = 35

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