Toronto & Niagara Falls

Today’s adventure took us to Toronto. We got an early start which was a good idea, because coming back took twice as long, at least. First discovery: depending on one’s cell phone plan, relying on that way to get info/find your way was limited. And if a person forgot to bring their charging cord, it became even more of a problem. (I bought one before leaving town.) We chose to do a Hop-on Hop-off bus tour of the city. We were able to park very close to the Yonge-Dundas Plaza where we checked in.IMG_1262.jpg

We got onto the upper deck of a London double-decker bus. Mitchell was our fast-talking, Broadway-show-singing guide.IMG_1265.jpgIMG_1264.jpg
The CN Tower in the distanceIMG_1267.jpg
and up close.IMG_1275.jpg
The tour took about 2 1/2 hours and we didn’t want to sit through half of that to get to the place we all wanted to explore further, Kensington Market, so we walked.
We decided to eat at Dirty Bird Chicken and Waffles – what a surprise! Different and delicious!IMG_1279.jpg
I had the OG: boneless chicken thigh, pickle, dirty aioli. Yum.IMG_1277.jpg
Incredible order of Hand Cut Fries:IMG_1278.jpg
Then we walked back.IMG_1280.jpg
Thank you, Toronto Canada, for a unique big-city experience.IMG_1283.jpgIMG_1285.jpg
We drove to Horseshoe Falls, Ontario … in stop-and-go traffic. The crowds at Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, were amazing. The sights more so. Upriver:IMG_1286.jpg
Back at the motel, we loaded the bikes and Billie backed her vehicle within 1 inch of the back wall. We would be leaving for the airport at 4 am to drop me off for my flight to California. They would have a 9-hour drive back to Virginia.
What a fantastic trip! Thank you Billie for all the planning. Thank you Billie and Donna for all your support and encouragement. I had a GREAT time.

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