Katy Trail: day 4

6 am in the lobby of The Broadway:Roche Percee Natural Arch in the bluffs above the Missouri:We lifted our bikes over the hazard.I took a long rest in Hartsburg and met a fellow blogger, Doug, who lives near Jefferson City. We had a wonderful visit. His recommendation of Red Wheel Bicycles in Jeff City came in quite handy because Donna was having a terrible day.Even though Billie and Donna hadn’t caught up yet, I pressed on to Jeff City – it was getting hot! A 3-story circular ramp took you up to the bridge to cross the Missouri River.I found Red Wheel Bicycle easily and was quite happy to see Three Story Coffee next door. The man ahead of me ordered a drink and a scone. Before I could stop myself, I said, “I hope that’s not the last one.” It was. I literally whined that I hadn’t eaten all day (Donna was carrying my breakfast sandwich). He let me have it and immediately became a Trail Angel.Donna got a flat tire. Neither Billie nor Donna could get the tire off the rim. A male cyclist stopped to help and got the tire off the rim. Getting the repaired tire back onto the bike proved to be difficult, but finally it was on … however now the brake was rubbing and her cyclometer cable was broken. She slogged 27 miles into Jeff City and went straight to Red Wheel Bicycles for a good repair job. Miles = 39.

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