Katy Trail: day 5

6:30 am: about to cross the bridge to head back to the Katy Trail.The Mysterious Standing Rock:We stopped for lunch in Portland. In came 4 kids who climbed up on the bar stools and ordered cheese sticks. They’d sold cucumbers from their garden and had $17 to spend. They went to the drinks cooler and were trying to decide how many they could get and who would share. Billie gave them some extra money to everyone could have their own. Their eyes lit up. Then they looked inside the ice cream cooler – I bought that round. We told them how much we appreciated their hard work. One of them said, “We work hard and we play hard.”Shortly after the kids left, a bus pulled up with about 20 women enjoying a bachelorette party. They were on their way to Hermann for some wine tasting but needed a potty stop … and some shots of tequila.End of today’s ride: The Doll House B&B in Rhineland.It was so HOT today. Miles=42.

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