50 Bikes for 50 Kids

This year, I worked with Mary and Eric from Bike Hikers to build a bike with the student receiving it, Miguel Lopez. In the blue t-shirt was Miguel’s father, an invaluable member of our team since Miguel was a non-verbal special education student.dsc04526We were part of the morning group in the gym at Natomas Middle School where 25 students built bikes with their support teams.dsc04527My favorite bike mechanic, Bike Mike (yellow t-shirt) was also there to make sure we built the bike correctly.dsc04528Once built, Miguel was ready to move to the next room for phase 2:dsc04531 Snacks, a helmet specifically fitted for him, a photo op,dsc04536a thank-you-card writing station, and a free U-lock and cable.dsc04537What a great program for North Natomas sponsored by North Natomas Transportation Management Association – the same organization that promotes Project Ride Smart! Students receiving bikes were nominated by their teachers for the content of their character in keeping with Martin Luther King Jr Day.

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